Navajo Nation continues exploring whether to purchase a coal mine
The Navajo Nation is moving closer to taking over a coal mine on the reservation.Tribal lawmakers have voted to form a limited liability company that would run the Navajo Mine near Farmington, New Mexico.
Apr. 29, 2013
Jared Loughner
The attorney who helped Tucson shooter Jared Loughner avoid the death penalty will now join the team that’s representing the Boston Marathon bomber. A U.S. magistrate has approved the addition of Judy Clarke to the team of lawyers defending Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.
Apr. 29, 2013
University of Arizona team solves Lincoln mystery
For two weeks in 1865, President Lincoln’s body was carried across the Northeast by train. Just ahead of the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s death, a team of Arizona researchers has cracked a mystery surrounding the funeral.
Apr. 29, 2013
Red flag warnings issued for Arizona
Strong winds and low humidity add up to a bad combination for Arizona’s forests. Forecasters warn that much of the northern half of Arizona will be ripe for wildfires Tuesday. The National Weather Service has posted red flag warnings starting at 11 a.
Apr. 29, 2013
Hopi tribe free to gather eaglets for religious ceremonies
The federal government has decided against limiting the number of nesting golden eagles that Hopis can collect for religious ceremonies. The Hopi tribe had been authorized to collect 40 eaglets this year for religious use.
Apr. 29, 2013
AFL-CIO warns airline merger could cause union fallout
A major labor leader is worried a merger between US Airways and American Airlines could cause a battle between two unions that represent ground workers. US Airways and American’s ground workers are represented by two different unions.
Apr. 29, 2013
Inmates ordered out of two California prisons after Valley Fever outbreak, deaths
Thousands of inmates at two California prisons may be removed from their current facility to protect them from Valley Fever. Federal medical receiver J. Clark Kelso is in charge of improving health care at California prisons.
Apr. 29, 2013
Voucher deadline approaching for students in low-rated schools
The parents of students in poorly performing public schools are facing a deadline this week to get state help to put their kids in new schools. Lawmakers approved what are called 'empowerment scholarship accounts,' two years ago for students in schools with a D or F rating.
Apr. 29, 2013
Proposed budget may cut all funding to Children?s Advocacy Centers in Arizona
Representatives of Children's Advocacy Centers in Arizona and across the country are urging members of Congress not to accept the cuts that are proposed in the administration's 2014 budget. They would drop federal funding for CAC's and related programs from $18 million to zero.
Apr. 29, 2013
New technology extends visiting options for prisoners and their families
Some new technology is allowing the Pinal County Sheriff's Office to offer inmates visits with their family around the world. For a small fee, the inmates can use the Internet to see and talk to family members, according to Sheriff's Office IT spokesman Matt Dimuzio.
Apr. 29, 2013
Gray wolves released into Eastern Arizona may increase genetic diversity
The Arizona Game and Fish Department is monitoring two Mexican gray wolf pups it plans to release soon in Eastern Arizona. Spokesman Jim Paxon says the goal is to have as many 'wild-born and wild-raised' wolves as possible to minimize interaction with people or their property.
Apr. 29, 2013
Legislature to work three-day weeks, starting this week
The state capitol will be quiet Monday today, as lawmakers take the day off – they’re expected to work Tuesdays through Thursdays for a little while.That reflects the fact that there’s not a lot left to do this session.
Apr. 29, 2013
StoryCorps Phoenix: Irma and Jes Quiroz
We are pleased to share the voices and conversations of our community from StoryCorps Phoenix. StoryCorps Phoenix is the project that records the stories of everyday people and archives them at the Library of Congress.
Apr. 29, 2013
Temperatures to hit the century mark thanks to heat wave
The first triple-digit temperatures of the year may arrive as early as Monday. A high-pressure system started moving across the Southwestern United States over the weekend, and National Weather Service Meteorologist Valerie Meyers said it is going to stick around for a few more days.
Apr. 29, 2013
Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne met in Phoenix Monday with city attorneys from around the state to discuss the legality of civil unions. Horne is reacting to Bisbee’s recent approval of civil unions for gay couples.
Apr. 29, 2013
New mural adds color to midtown Phoenix
No one used to notice the large, grey parking structure at the corner of First Avenue and Thomas Road. But those days are over. The new mural, spray painted against a parking structure, now towers over Thomas Road, near Central Avenue.
Apr. 28, 2013
Arizona utilities say they are ready for summer demand
Arizona utilities this week gave regulators a sense of how their supply of energy is looking for this summer. They told members of the Arizona Corporation Commission that they are ready to handle the increased demand that higher temperatures will bring.
Apr. 27, 2013
Andrew Thomas files for governor
Former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas says he wants to be Arizona's next governor to combat crime and border violence. He filed the paperwork for his gubernatorial bid Friday afternoon.  Andrew Thomas filed paperwork to run for Arizona Governor on Friday afternoon.
Apr. 26, 2013
ADOT releases South Mountain Freeway study
The proposed South Mountain Freeway moved one step closer to construction on Friday – nearly 30 years after it was originally proposed. After the decades-long wait, the state transportation department has released the first draft of an impact study for the final phase of Loop 202.
Apr. 26, 2013
New Pinal County medical marijuana dispensary permit approved
The Pinal County Board of Supervisors has approved a permit for a medical marijuana dispensary near Maricopa despite the county attorney's recommendation that it be denied.County Attorney Lando Voyles recommended against approving the dispensary, worrying county employees who process paperwork for it, could be subject to federal prosecution.
Apr. 26, 2013