If you come across a wild tortoise in the desert, it’s best to leave it there. That might sound like obvious advice, but desert tortoises are continually removed from their habitat. Once a tortoise like this one is removed from the wild, it can never return.
Apr. 16, 2013
Veterans Day parade organizers say parade will go on
It has been unclear whether there would be a Veterans Day parade this year after local Veterans Affairs officials said the VA has pulled its support from this year’s parade. But organizers are now saying say they are confident the parade will go on.
Apr. 15, 2013
Arizonans witness Boston Marathon explosions
Authorities now say more than 100 people are injured and two dead after bombs exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Medical workers aid injured people at the finish line. The cause of the explosions has not been determined.
Apr. 15, 2013
Bostonians seem
Two bombs exploded in the packed streets near the finish line of the Boston Marathon on Monday, killing two people and injuring more than 130 in a bloody scene of shattered glass and severed limbs that raised alarms that terrorists might have struck again in the U.
Apr. 15, 2013
Phoenix hoping to bring Mexican sculptor
The work of a world-renowned Mexican sculptor may be coming to Phoenix as outdoor art installations. While city officials were in Mexico City on a trade mission this past week, they discussed the possibility with the artist himself.
Apr. 15, 2013
Phoenix Fire checks smoke detectors
Almost 200 Phoenix-area homes are a bit safer after fire crews and volunteers went door to door installing smoke detectors this weekend.  The crews also checked homes to make sure smoke detectors were still working properly.
Apr. 15, 2013
Mad dash on tax deadline day
Monday will be very busy for some people who waited until the last minute to file their taxes. It’s often a mad dash to gather all the appropriate documents and fill in the blanks. Mennenga Tax and Financial owner Marshall Mennenga says procrastinators generally make the same mistakes.
Apr. 15, 2013
Easter hams bring audits for grocery stores
The Arizona Department of Weights and Measures says it found some retailers were overcharging customers for their Easter hams. Spokesman Shawn Marquez says they wanted to ensure customers were getting a fair and accurate price, but found some problems.
Apr. 15, 2013
Medicaid expansion complicates budget agreement
Efforts to reach a budget agreement at the state capitol are being complicated by Governor Jan Brewer's proposal to expand Medicaid, a plan one lawmaker says is paralyzing the process. Republican Al Melvin of Tucson is accusing Brewer of threatening lawmakers with holding them in session indefinitely.
Apr. 15, 2013
Funding for Highway 89 alternative route secured
The Arizona Department of Transportation says it will move as quickly as possible to pave Navajo Route 20 as a temporary route around a section of Highway 89, which collapsed south of Page on Feb. 20, now that the funding has been approved.
Apr. 15, 2013
State scrutinizes city use traffic cams
Arizona is tightening up its rules regarding photo enforcement cameras on roadways. Gov. Jan Brewer signed a law last week requiring cities to prove there’s a legitimate safety need before installing the cameras on state roads.
Apr. 15, 2013
Wild horse adoptions continue in Kingman
For more than 40 years, the Bureau of Land Management has been in the adoption business – of wild horses and burros in the West, that is. And it’s been controversial for about as long. The next adoption event is coming up Friday through Sunday at the Mohave County Fairgrounds in Kingman.
Apr. 15, 2013
StoryCorps Phoenix: Amy Donohue and James Pietragallo
We are pleased to share the voices and conversations of our community from StoryCorps Phoenix. StoryCorps Phoenix is the project that records the stories of everyday people and archives them at the Library of Congress.
Apr. 15, 2013
Conference brings together experts in tracking, deflecting meteors
The 2013 Planetary Defense Conference begins Monday in Flagstaff. The event hopes to raise public awareness of threats to Earth and how we can respond. The conference, held on the Northern Arizona University campus, brings together experts on tracking and deflecting meteors headed our way.
Apr. 15, 2013
Peoria police work with contractors on construction site theft
The Peoria Police Department met with area contractors this week to talk about ways to help them avoid becoming victims of theft. The department's Amanda Jacinto talked about those efforts.
Apr. 13, 2013
Julie Levin
Julie Levin joined the KJZZ news team in March 2013 as a digital media assistant.  She will be reporting and producing content, working on all things digital.Levin comes to the station with experience in radio, television, marketing, photography, print media and web development.
Apr. 12, 2013
Kendra Szabo
Kendra Szabo joined the KJZZ news team in January 2013 to serve as a part-time Morning Edition producer.  Fueled by an intense passion for telling accurate and compelling stories through language and design, Szabo is currently pursuing a journalism degree at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication.
Apr. 12, 2013
Steve Shadley
KJZZ Senior Field Correspondent Steve Shadley is no stranger to the issues shaping Arizona. Shadley started his public radio career more than 30 years ago while pursuing a journalism degree at Northern Arizona University.
Apr. 12, 2013
Brewer vetoes health care price bill
Governor Jan Brewer has vetoed a bill that would have required certain health care providers to have lists of what some of their services cost.The bill would have applied to at least the 25 most common services and would have required providers to post their direct pay price.
Apr. 12, 2013
Stina Sieg
When Senior Field Correspondent Stina Sieg was 22, she moved to the desert. The Bay Area native hasn’t been the same since. She had just graduated from Humboldt State University when she got a hankering for wide-open spaces.
Apr. 12, 2013