In 2018, a record 325 active duty military personnel died by suicide. Upwards of 6,000 veterans die by suicide each year, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs. Anytime someone dies by suicide, close to 135 people are directly affected by the death. That’s close to 1 million people each year who are affected by military-related suicides.
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A proposed new highway from Nogales to Wickenburg — and eventually beyond to Kingman — has united a Republican legislator and environmental interests in opposition, albeit for different reasons.
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The Takeaway: How Will Congress Move Forward On Impeachment?
The impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump continues for a fourth week in Washington. And so far, the White House has refused to cooperate.
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Acting Homeland Security Secretary In AZ For Border Patrol Agents Funeral
The acting Secretary of Homeland Security was in Arizona for the memorial service for U.S. Border Patrol Agent Robert Hotten. Secretary Kevin McAleenan announced his resignation from the position on Friday.
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Predicting How Forests Will Respond To Climate Change
University of Arizona biology professor Brian Enquist is investigating how changes in global temperature will affect our forests. His study group is connecting with other researchers around the world to make detailed measurements of trees and soils to predict the impact of climate change on the Earth's ecosystems.
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Arizona Cardinals Beat Atlanta Falcons 34-33
Arizona's Kliff Kingsbury said he didn't even bother to watch Matt Bryant's extra point attempt near the end of the fourth quarter. The Cardinals coach was too busy trying to figure out what his offense was going to run during the minute and 53 seconds left in the game.
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Mesas Pioneer Park Wins Great Places In America Award
Pioneer Park in downtown Mesa has been recognized by the National Planning Association as one of its 13 “Great Places In America” for 2019. Pioneer Park becomes the sixth place in Arizona to earn this distinction.
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Biden Takes On Trump With A Sweeping Ethics Plan, Amid Push Back Over Ukraine
Joe Biden is taking aim at President Trump over ethics, as the president continues attacks on the candidate and his son. Hunter Biden is now pledging to curtail his overseas business dealings.
White House Distances Itself From Violent Fake Video Targeting Media And Critics
A disturbing video depicting President Trump shooting and stabbing political opponents and media outlets was played at a conference held by a pro-Trump group at his Miami resort last week.
Roy, Oh Roy: That 'Succession' Finale Was A Trip
In the second season finale of HBO's Succession, the Roys regroup after their difficult congressional hearings. It turns out the family that yachts together ties itself into knots together.
After U.S. Withdrawal, Kurds Turn To Syrian Regime For Help
Kurdish forces in northern Syria relied on American troops to help them maintain control of the region. Now, they are aligning themselves with Syrian forces that are backed by Russia.
Why Are Health-Care Providers Slapping And Yelling At Mothers During Childbirth?
Physical and verbal abuse are a shockingly common experience for mothers, a new study in The Lancet reports.