The two candidates vying for retiring Senator Jeff Flake’s seat squared off in a debate Monday night. Martha McSally and Kyrsten Sinema responded to a broad range of questions as the congresswomen sought to distinguish themselves in the only debate scheduled before the Nov. 6 election.
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All signs say that consumer confidence is high and the economy is strong, but it turns out, the housing market is slowing, at least nationally.
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In the fifth century, a malaria epidemic wiped out more than 50 children in a Roman city. People were unfamiliar with the disease and believed the children to be possessed.
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Aid Worker Asks Court To Dismiss Felony Human Smuggling Charges
An aid worker arrested ten months ago for allegedly helping two men illegally enter the U.S. was in court Tuesday afternoon asking the judge to dismiss his case.
1 hour ago
Report Finds Litany Of Issues With Murphy Schools
Murphy Elementary School District's receiver, appointed by the state in June, has essentially cleaned house by reducing staff, stipends, vendor contracts and cell phones in an effort to balance the district’s books.
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Can Mesa Turn Its Food Waste Into Energy?
Mesa staff embarked on a yearlong study this month to find out whether it’s feasible for the city to turn food waste into energy.
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Record rains in the valley transformed into a beautiful blanket of new fallen snow in Arizona’s northern country.
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One cellphone company says it already had begun crediting customers for the lack of service due to outages in Florida counties hit by Hurricane Michael.
"My withdrawal comes in the wake of personal attacks that, left undefended, would have made my leading USAG a liability for the organization," Mary Bono said in her resignation letter on Tuesday.
For the first time, a writer from Northern Ireland has won the prestigious award. The story draws on Burns' own experiences during "the troubles."
He was best known as a legal pimp whose business was profiled on a reality TV show that aired on HBO. He had recently turned to politics, running for state assembly in Nevada.
Saudia Arabia has long seen its role as keeping the turbulent Gulf region steady and calm. But under Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the kingdom has become far more aggressive.