Arizona may have a booming medical marijuana industry. But a recent court ruling could jeopardize one of the fastest growing products — cannabis oil. The case is expected to reach the state's highest court. And it's revealing how the industry is still struggling to find legitimacy, even as more people than ever use marijuana.
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Sept. 19 marks the anniversary of Mexico City’s two most devastating earthquakes — one in 1985 and one in 2017. Today, the city still debates on what were the lessons learned.
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Two Guys On Your Head: How Our Brains Process Time
Time flies when you're having fun, the old saying goes. But how can time — maybe the most fundamental concept of the universe — feel different under different conditions?
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The Takeaway: Can There Be Redemption For The Accused In The #MeToo Movement?
Today, on Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement, Jewish people across the world ask for forgiveness for misdeeds they've committed. This year, the holiday comes at a time when many prominent men are attempting to reenter the public sphere following allegations of sexual assault and harassment.
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The Takeaway: Trump
The Trump administration announced another round of tariffs on a list of nearly 6,000 different kinds of goods imported from China, this week. China struck back with additional $60 billion dollars in tariffs on American goods.
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Grijalva And Pierson Face Off During Debate
“He's not a good example of a Mexican, not a good example of a Mexican-American, and he's not a good example of an American,” Pierson said.
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Ducey Open To Reform Of Charter School Regulations
Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey says he’s open to ideas about how to reform the way charter schools operate. This comes after Republican lawmaker Eddie Farnsworth cashed in on the sale of his for-profit charter school and its four campuses.
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Owner Mark Cuban has agreed to contribute $10 million to women's causes following a workplace investigation of the Dallas Mavericks.
Muslim men could terminate their marriages by repeating "talaq," Arabic for "divorce," three times. The practice continued despite a Supreme Court rule outlawing it.
The cartels that run the ivory trade try to cover their tracks — among other things, they smuggle tusks from the same elephant separately. But DNA testing can help find patterns.
North Korea had already promised to dismantle part of the site. Now, with fanfare, it's offering to let the world watch — which analysts say is not that much of a step forward.
Grant Robicheaux, 38, is an orthopedic surgeon who appeared on a 2014 reality TV show. Prosecutors say videos found on his phone show the apparent assaults of many women too intoxicated to consent.