Educators around the state wore red Wednesday to show their support for public education today. As lawmakers consider new policies and the state’s budget, educators want to make sure they aren’t left out of the conversation.
While Laura Smith was the chief financial officer at the Scottsdale district, she signed off on paperwork related to a consulting firm she had a stake in with her sister. She was later indicted and plead not guilty to fraud and conflict of interest charges.
The Maricopa Community College District governing board has a new president, despite the former president having six months left on his term.
In the tumultuous year and a half that Hendrix was board president, the district ended its football program and a faculty bargaining system known as meet-and-confer.
For the first time in 30 years, teachers in the Los Angeles Unified School District — the nation’s second largest — have walked off the job.
Last week, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich continued his battle against Arizona State University. He filed a second lawsuit against the Arizona Board of Regents saying ASU’s real estate deal with the Omni Hotel is an illegal use of tax-free land.
The first session of the 54th Arizona Legislature begins Monday with Gov. Doug Ducey giving his State of the State address. Education is again expected to take center stage at the Capitol.
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The lawsuit was filed Thursday in Arizona Tax Court against the Arizona Board of Regents which oversees the state’s universities, and it’s over ASU real estate deals Attorney General Mark Brnovich says are illegal.
In his inauguration speech earlier this week, Gov. Doug Ducey put his priorities for education and reigning in government spending back to back. Meanwhile, education advocates are demanding more funding for Arizona schools.
A new report has some dire warnings for the state’s charter schools: it says 10 percent of them are in “significant financial distress,” with closure “a near certainty due to excessive debt and poor underlying financials.”
Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich is suing the state’s public universities over what he claims are illegal real estate deals. Land owned by the colleges is exempt from property taxes. The lawsuit specifically targets ASU which has struck several lucrative land deals including one with the Omni Hotel.
A group of Maricopa Community College students has filed a lawsuit in federal court in response the elimination of the Junior College Football program.
Some observers believe that younger people have been sheltered too much and made to believe that failure is either something to be avoided or something to be accepted. But what are the best ways to learn from failure and deal with it better?
The Maricopa Community College District is facing a lawsuit over its decision to end its football program. 2018 was the last season for those schools that had football teams.
Authorities say two former employees of a closed charter school in Goodyear have been indicted for fraud. The Arizona Attorney General's Office says a state grand jury has indicted Harold Cadiz and Joann Vega for their alleged roles in the fraud case.
Arizona utility regulators have adopted a new policy on electric vehicles. Among other provisions, it encourages regulated utilities to play a role in education and outreach programs related to electric vehicles and infrastructure and to set up charging stations in low-income and rural areas, as well as on interstate highways.
Cannabis extracts are widely available at medical marijuana dispensaries around the state and country. But if you’re a scientist who wants to study medical marijuana, it’s a different story. The Show spoke with one doctor who said that is having real-world consequences.
The first round of awards was recently announced—142 new school buses will be rolling out to 55 Arizona school districts. The Kingman Unified School District will receive 10, the second highest award after the Washington Elementary School District which is getting 11 buses.
For four years, the Arizona School Personnel Administrators Association — or ASPAA — has produced a survey attempting to quantify the ongoing teacher shortage in our state. This year, like the last, the numbers show gaping vacancies within the 211 participating school districts and charter schools throughout Arizona.
As Arizona swore in Kathy Hoffman as its chief school administrator, a similar scene played out across the country with educators stepping into the political sphere in record numbers under the #RedForEd banner.
“Why does the state give me my money back when I make a donation to a private school? The state’s money should go back to the public schools.” Chris W. from Scottsdale asked us this question through Q&AZ.