New Options, Insurers For Arizona's ACA Marketplace

By Will Stone
Published: Tuesday, October 30, 2018 - 5:40pm

Most Arizonans will have new choices when they shop for health insurance on the Affordable Care Act’s marketplace.

Thursday marks the beginning of the open enrollment period for coverage beginning in 2019.

Instead of just one insurer, Maricopa County will have four this year. Pima County will have three.  

Blue Cross Blue Shield will be the only choice for the rest of the state.

Premiums have stabilized and, in some cases, even gone down. Most consumers will qualify for tax credits to help with their monthly payments, as well.

“We now have a fairly stable population of folks who’ve been in these pools for five years,” said Jim Hammond, an insurance expert and publisher of the Hertel Report.

Hammond says this "reset" comes after years of turbulence, rate hikes, and insurers coming and going.

“It’s not so unknown. It’s not so uncertain. Now that there are different players, the issue is going to be who gets which patients,” says Hammond.

Consumers will have until mid-December to purchase plans on the Arizona marketplace.

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