Arizona DPS Takes Tire Treads On Interstates Very Seriously

Published: Monday, June 11, 2018 - 10:13am

Watch out for "alligators" on Arizona's Interstates. That's what state troopers and the Arizona Department of Transportation call blown out tire treads.

Car experts routinely warn the triple-digit temperatures are murder on tires, especially at freeway speeds.

With highs pushing past 110 degrees this week, Bart Graves at DPS said they expect to see a spike in the number of "gators" littering highways.

Driving over one can cause serious damage to your car, while avoiding one can cause a wreck.

"Call 911. We, or our partners at ADOT, will respond right away," said Graves.

Experts for Car and Driver magazine attribute a combination of factors for causing a blow out in the extreme heat, including low tire pressure, long driving periods and worn tread.

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