Phoenix Police Union Splits Again With Chief Over Use Of Force

Published: Tuesday, June 5, 2018 - 7:00pm
Updated: Wednesday, June 6, 2018 - 4:01pm
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The union for Phoenix police officers is calling on Police Chief Jeri Williams to reverse a decision on an officer’s use of force.

The decision is from the Phoenix Police Department’s Use of Force Board.

The board said officer Jaime Robles acted “out of policy” in 2016 when he fired from his stationary car at a suspect in a moving truck. The union president said the suspect pointed a gun at the officer. The Board’s ruling comes with a 24-hour suspension.

Phoenix Law Enforcement Association (PLEA) President Ken Crane said the decision is seriously flawed and can unfairly mar Robles’ record.

“That can impact you going down the road if you get in trouble again,” Crane said at a Tuesday press conference. “That’s why this becomes so crucial.”

Crane said Williams has decided to uphold the ruling. He called it the wrong message to send.

“The message sent by this chief is going to cause an officer to hesitate, we fear, resulting in serious injury or death. And that we cannot and will not accept."

The Phoenix Police Department declined a request for comment.

PLEA said it could appeal Robles’ discipline to civil service court and even state Superior Court, but that would be “several moves down the chess board.”

The union criticized Williams earlier this year for a similar decision in a 2015 case, as well as for not seeking charges against a man who falsely claimed an officer used excessive force against his daughter.

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