Ducey Says Creationism Has No Place In Arizona Science Curriculum

By Holliday Moore
Howard Fischer, Capitol Media Services
Published: Tuesday, May 29, 2018 - 2:04pm

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey said he supports keeping the theory of evolution under Arizona's science standards in public high schools and leaving religious theories of "intelligent design" to literature or history lessons.

His comments followed Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas' proposal that would allow biblical theories, under the term "biological diversity," to share equal space with the scientifically supported theories of evolution.

As a Catholic high school graduate, the governor said, "I believe in God. I believe God created humanity. And I believe there are evolutionary forces at work in nature."

Douglas has admitted she supports the teaching of "intelligent design,'' a concept that life forms have developed in such a complex way to essentially require planning by a higher power, presumably a deity.

But, she has insisted that her personal beliefs have nothing to do with the changes. And Douglas pointed out that her proposed standards make no specific mention of intelligent design.

Ducey said as far as he's concerned, the concept of intelligent design or any sort of biblical concept of creation has no place in science classes.

"Intelligent designs wouldn't have been words that were used when I was in school. It would have been the story of creation, and evolution would have been part of the science curriculum," he said.

He said the two are not mutually exclusive and believes it's the same today at Catholic schools.

His remarks came on Memorial Day, the last day for public comment on Douglas' website, which crashed over the weekend.

The Superintendent told Capitol Media Services she may extend the site one more week before issuing a final decision on the standards.

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