Oncologist: HPV Vaccine Goes Beyond Cervical Cancer

Published: Thursday, May 17, 2018 - 12:34pm
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For some time now, there has been a public health campaign to get young people to get the HPV vaccine. It protects against the human papillomavirus, which can lead to cervical cancer in women.

In fact, a new global review from the Cochrane Report shows that the HPV vaccine protects against cervical cancer in women who receive it between the ages of 15 and 26.

But women aren’t the only ones who can get cancer from HPV and they shouldn't be the only ones getting vaccinated, according to Dr. Chafeek Tomeh, a head and neck oncologist at Banner M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.

The Show sat down with him recently to talk more about HPV and some of the controversy that has surrounded this vaccine for years.

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