Police Say Officer Had No Choice But To Shoot Fashion Square Shoplifter

Published: Tuesday, February 20, 2018 - 9:29am
Updated: Tuesday, February 20, 2018 - 9:32am

Scottsdale police said their officer had no choice but to kill a man at the Scottsdale Fashion Square shopping mall over the holiday.

Sergeant Kevin Watts said the officer was following a suspected shoplifter after Macy's security reported the man acting erratically inside the store on Monday.

Watts said the officer followed normal procedures by identifying himself and ordering the man to stop, but claims he was forced to shoot the suspect when he pointed a gun at the officer.

The man reportedly had an extensive criminal history.

"Dating back into the 80's, his arrest record shows convictions for drug offenses, theft and robbery," Watts said.

And, Watts said, it appears "he also had a current arrest warrant for drug-related offenses."

Paramedics were unable to revive the man.

No one else was injured during the confrontation.

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