New ADOT Training Leads to Less Truck Violations at Border

By Matthew Kling
Published: Thursday, January 25, 2018 - 4:04pm

Arizona has seen a reduction in inspection violations from commercial trucks crossing at the border, thanks in part to a new safety course offered by ADOT.

The program, launched in August, trains truck drivers in Mexico what inspectors will check for at the border, as well as what drivers can do if they spot issues on their way into the country.

ADOT spokesman Tom Herrmann said only 0.3 percent of qualified drivers have seen violations at the border since the program began. He said before launching the program, about 5 percent of trucks had violations at the border.

“It has proven to be a tremendous benefit to the Mexican trucking community and for the safety on Arizona roads,” Herrmann said. “It’s been very popular with trucking leaders and also with the Sonoran government in Mexico.”

Herrmann said the program will expand this year, and training will be offered in the coming months in cities like Nogales, Mexicali and Hermosillo.

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