Arizona Gov. Ducey Has Collected More Than $3M For Reelection Campaign

Published: Wednesday, January 17, 2018 - 8:48am

Newly filed campaign finance documents show Gov. Doug Ducey has collected more than $3 million for his reelection campaign.

The Republican incumbent has a head start over either of the most likely Democrats who hope to unseat him.

Ducey's edge doesn’t include what he might get through independent contributions. In 2014, supporters spent $1.8 million on his behalf and another $6.4 million against then-rival Fred DuVal.

The question is whether Ducey needs that financial running start.

"I would say in a year where the national generic ballot favors Democrats by 17 points, anything is possible," said Andy Barr, democratic campaign consultant.

But GOP consultant Chuck Coughlin doesn’t see it that way.

"They believe that with the Trump effect in place that they can recruit scores of voters who have traditionally not participated in these cycles," Coughlin said. 

Ducey’s Democratic opponents, State Sen. Steve Farley has collected slightly more than $500,000, while David Garcia has raised $300,000.

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