Arizona's Dry Winter Could Mean An Aggressive Wildfire Season

Published: Thursday, December 7, 2017 - 7:45am
Updated: Thursday, December 7, 2017 - 12:49pm

As wildfires continue to burn in California, Arizona could also face an aggressive wildfire season.

Tiffany Davila is with the Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management. She said even though we received some moisture Tuesday, “that’s not going to cut it.”

"We’re on the same page as California, it’s dry, we haven’t seen a lot of moisture, we’ve got dry conditions, it’s still been warm, it’s been an unusually warm winter this year so far," Davila said. "We do have fires burning in Arizona. We’re still actively burning across the state."

Davila said there are crews doing mitigation work ahead of the upcoming fire season.

California will be getting help from Arizona firefighters after Davila’s agency received orders to send 125 firefighters to be used as strike teams.

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