Bisbee Plans To Fight Arizona Plastic Bag Ban

Published: Monday, November 13, 2017 - 8:26am

Bisbee plans to fight back after Arizona lawmakers forced the small town to repeal its mandatory ban on plastic grocery bags.

Over the weekend, Mayor David Smith confirmed he and Bisbee’s city attorney are investigating whether there is an option to sue.

The main barrier right now is money and the fact that his entire staff was uprooted by an electrical fire last month.

“Quite honestly we’re up to our necks in other things right now, because of our city hall burning down,” he said.

The city has received a few calls of support.

“Several law schools, non-profits that are involved in state’s rights, law firms, that our city attorney and I have been conference with,” Smith said.

While they investigate their options, Smith said the city will continue to comply with the state law and leave the ban as a voluntary option.

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