What Is Facebook's Role In U.S. Democracy?

Published: Monday, September 18, 2017 - 3:07pm
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Facebook has come under criticism over the past few weeks. First, for acknowledging it sold $100,000 in ads to what’s been described as a Russian troll farm. And then for enabling ads targeting people with anti-Semitic views. The social media giant has also launched what it calls its Town Hall Project, which aims to connect elected officials with their constituents, among other things.

So what is Facebook’s role in our government and society?

To talk about this, we reached out to Faine Greenwood. She's a researcher at the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative’s Signal Program and wrote a piece for Slate called “A Civics Lesson for Facebook.”

I should point out we spoke before the news about Russia and the Anti-Semitic ads came out, and I asked her what is Facebook’s responsibility as far as trying to promote civics and democracy in general.

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