Prescott Stockbroker Convicted Of Killing Ex-Wife

October 04, 2013

A Yavapai County Superior Court jury has convicted a Prescott stockbroker of first-degree murder in the bludgeoning death of his ex-wife.

The jury also found Steven DeMocker guilty of six other charges related to the 2008 death of Carolyn Kennedy. DeMocker faces a maximum sentence of natural life in prison, on the murder conviction.

Prosecutors say he killed Kennedy at her home, with a golf club, because he was deep in dept, wanted the insurance payment and did not want to pay alimony.

The defense claimed authorities failed to properly investigate Kennedy’s death and tried to deflect attention toward a man who was living with her at the time, but has since died.

After Kennedy’s death DeMocker tried to claim a $750,000 life insurance payment, but the insurance company refused to make the payout directly to him because he was a suspect. Instead they made the payout to his daughters.

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