Scottsdale-Based Bottled Water Company Expands

Published: Monday, June 19, 2017 - 6:52am

Bottled water from a Scottsdale company will now be in about 4,000 more stores nationwide, after a contract signed last week. It comes at a time when the bottled-water industry is booming, while soda sales are slumping.

Alkaline Water produces and sells specialty water brand Alkaline88 in about 30,000 stores nationwide.

In early June, the company reported an 80 percent increase in sales from a year ago, from $3.7 to $7.1 million.

Now, the company will distribute to about 3,800 additional locations.

And U.S. bottled water is booming. Sales are approximately $15 billion a year and are expected to continue to grow.

In 2016, bottled water overtook soda as the drink Americans chose the most. Sales of full-calorie soda continue to fall, now at about a quarter of the levels from a generation ago.

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