Former Arizona Politicians Work To Overturn Voter Initiative Law

Published: Friday, May 5, 2017 - 8:01am

Two former politicians are moving to overturn the decision by the Republican-controlled legislature that will make it more difficult for voters to propose their own laws.

Grant Woods, who was a Republican attorney general, and former Phoenix Mayor Paul Johnson filed the paperwork yesterday to create “Voters of Arizona.”

That allows them to start circulating petitions, perhaps as early as next week, to refer the new laws to the ballot.

Backers need just over 75,000 valid signatures by early August to block the measures from taking effect until the November 2018 general election. Then, voters can decide whether to ratify or veto what lawmakers approved.

Woods and Johnson’s efforts won’t be limited to collecting signatures, the matter will likely go to court since some of the provisions that lawmakers approved appear to be unconstitutional.

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