Brewer Will Use PAC Money To Support Smith

Published: Tuesday, August 12, 2014 - 12:26pm

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer said she will use money she’s raised from donors inside and outside the state to help elect Republican Scott Smith her successor.

Brewer has formed a political action committee she’s dubbed Arizona’s Legacy to back candidates of her choice, including Smith, for statewide and legislative offices. 

That’s allowed as long as she does it independently from their campaigns. At last report, Brewer had more than $600,000 in the bank.

“I hope to be able to go out and raise some more money, and encouraging people to contribute to the Legacy account so we'll have plenty of money to continue with our endeavors to make sure that's he's elected the next governor of the great state of Arizona,” Brewer said.

The governor has already spent more than $100,000 on behalf of GOP candidates who supported her Medicaid expansion plan and now face primary opposition.

But Brewer also said she’ll spend PAC money to help those challenging incumbent Republicans who have opposed her on key issues, like Medicaid, and to protect it from being repealed.

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