ASU Announces Tailgating Keg Ban

By Kaitlin Stein
Published: Thursday, July 31, 2014 - 5:15pm

Arizona State University has announced a ban on beer kegs and bongs when tailgating. The ban will affect all university and designated tailgating parking lots.

ASU is the third school in the state to enact a keg ban for campus tailgating. A safety task force was assembled by the Arizona Board of Regents to recommend new measures to encourage public safety. Paraphernalia like beer bongs will also be prohibited as they are often accessories in reckless drinking.

"We want to make sure that we don’t encourage binge drinking and we want to make sure that people can accurately assess the amount of alcohol they consume," said Maggie Emmons with ASU.

Emmons said the school does not expect the regulation to take away from the tailgating experience. The university follows other large schools like Penn State and Yale with their keg ban.

"Hopefully at the end of the day, we see that we had a safer outcome," Emmons said. "We didn’t have any of these other isolated incidents that tarnish the tailgating experience for other fans there."

Northern Arizona University and the University of Arizona have had a keg ban in place for many years.

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