UA Promotes Healthy Living With Campus-Wide Tobacco Ban

By Alejandra Guillen
Published: Monday, July 14, 2014 - 4:44pm

The University of Arizona is joining hundreds of colleges across the nation with a campus-wide ban on tobacco.

The new policy will prohibit smoking, smokeless tobacco and the use of electronic cigarettes for students, staff and visitors to the university.

U of A’s Allison Vaillantcourt said there will be no punishment for those who do not adhere to the policy.

“Our focus is just to promote a healthy and safe environment, and we’re not intending to be punitive to those who smoke," Vaillantcourt said. "So we think there’s strong support for the policy, and we think that people will follow the policy.”

Maricopa Community College District and Arizona State University have similar no-tobacco policies.

The ban is set to begin August 15th.

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