US Senate Committee Approves Campaign Finance Reform Measure

Published: Friday, July 11, 2014 - 11:10am

A U.S. Senate committee has approved a measure that would give Congress and the states control over political campaign spending. It passed 10-8, along party lines, with Stephen Spaulding of Common Cause saying it’s an effort to restore balance to political spending.

"This amendment would restore the ability of Congress and the states to set reasonable limits on campaign contributions and political spending, so that our elected officials will be more responsive to their voters than to their donors and those that fund their campaigns," Spaulding said.

Spaulding says U.S. Supreme Court rulings, like those known as Citizens United and McCutcheon, have given the rich greater influence over elections. 

The constitutional amendment needs two-thirds vote in both houses of Congress, and the support of 38 states, to become law.

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