McCain Wants Kerry To Visit The West Bank

Published: Monday, July 7, 2014 - 10:15am

Arizona Sen. John McCain says the U.S. could help ease the tensions between Israel and Palestine after the beating of a Palistinian youth, who is an American, and the killing of three Israeli teens, allegedly by Hamas.

Speaking on the CBS show Face the Nation, McCain says the U.S. could intervene.

“Many places I don’t think we do play a role. In this case I think that our Secretary of State, Secretary Kerry could go to the region and try to maybe do a little shuttle diplomacy," McCain said.

Asked about comments from Democrat Hillary Clinton that McCain is her favorite Republican, the Senator said he hoped the program was blacked out in Arizona.

He then answered that he thinks it’s his job to work with every president, though he termed it regrettable if Clinton were to be elected.

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