Stranded Tucson Motorists Rescued By Fire Truck Ladder

Published: Monday, July 7, 2014 - 9:56am

A series of storms belted the Tucson area over the weekend, forcing firefighters to conduct a water rescue operation. 

Fire Captain Barrett Baker says two people became stranded in a flooded wash and had to climb on top of their Jeep to avoid the high water. 

But Baker said the two were lucky, because firefighters knew just how to use their truck’s ladder to rescue them.

“The ladder crew went over to that exact location and practiced. They drilled and put the aerial out and said okay, if we ever get a car in this particular area, this is how we’re gonna do it. And, sure enough at 5:00 that night, that exact scenario took place," Baker said.

Baker says the wash where the two were stranded is notorious for stranding motorists.

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