Voters Advocacy Group Concerned About Less-Than-Smooth Arizona Primary

Published: Friday, September 2, 2016 - 10:45am
(Photo courtesy of Twitter)
Arizona Advocacy Network works to secure electoral justice, political rights and full civic participation through voter education.

Secretary of State spokesman Matt Roberts described Tuesday’s Primary Election as quiet and in sharp contrast to the March 22nd Presidential Preference Election which saw voters waiting in line for hours. But one voter rights group has some concerns.

Samantha Pstross is the executive director of the Arizona Advocacy Network. She says more needs to be done at the state and county levels when it comes to voter education.

"We definitely had several incidents of voters showing up to vote and those voters being frustrated that they couldn’t vote for president," she said. "They didn’t realize it was a primary election and that it was not the presidential election."

Besides low voter turnout, Pstross said other concerns included polls opening late, improperly trained poll workers and voters going to the wrong polling location. The Arizona Secretary of State's new voting results website also experienced some serious glitches soon after the polls closed.

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