Former Schools Superintendent Calls For Huppenthal's Resignation

Published: Wednesday, June 25, 2014 - 11:09am

A former Republican Superintendent of Public Instruction is continuing her call for the resignation of current school superintendent John Huppenthal.

Lisa Graham-Keegan is promising to actively campaign against Huppenthal if he refuses to leave office.

“Most of us do not agree with this,” Graham-Keegan said. “We will not stand by and let it get said by the person in this position, and the fact that John’s not willing to apologize for it tells you everything about what he truly believes.”

Huppenthal admits to calling welfare recipients lazy pigs in anonymous blog posts and condemning the Spanish language as unfit in Arizona for anything except Mexican restaurant menus.

The Superintendent refused to comment and in a written statement defends his posts as being in the free speech tradition of the Founding Fathers.

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