Lawmakers Begin Special Session Tuesday

Published: Tuesday, May 27, 2014 - 11:20am

Arizona lawmakers will be back at the Capitol on Tuesday afternoon to work on creating and funding a new Department of Child Safety.

Gov. Jan Brewer acknowledges there have been many attempts to solve Arizona’s child welfare problem but tells Capitol Media Services this time is different.

“Because I'm behind it. I think that I am dedicated, I am very motivated after dealing with this personally as an elected official for over 33 years,” Brewer said. “That we are through with Band-Aids, we are through with turning a blind eye.”

In addition to the fresh start for child welfare programs in the state, there would be new oversight in hopes of preventing a repeat of the 6,500 abuse and neglect cases that went without investigation.

Brewer says the cost of an additional $60 million is justified and what’s needed to establish the new agency and take care of kids in trouble.

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