Arizona Transportation Department Asks Residents To Log How They Get From Points A To B

Published: Thursday, April 7, 2016 - 10:38am

The Arizona Department of Transportation wants Arizonans who live outside the Phoenix-Tucson areas to share information about how they travel. The information will help officials decide funding priorities for future transportation improvements.

ADOT is partnering with the Federal Highway Administration to ask 30,000 randomly selected households to participate in the National Household Travel Survey. The agency wants to focus on rural Arizona to get a better sense of what’s happening on the ground…literally. 

"And that’s not just highways. That could be anything from bikeways to sidewalks to better ways to get around on your bike or public transportation," says Steve Elliot, with ADOT.

He says participants will receive a travel log in which they'll write down how they got around for one assigned day.

As for why the agency is looking outside the main metro areas, Elliot says from previous and ongoing surveys, there is already a lot of data available about residents who live there.

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