New Driver's License Design, Process Coming In June

Published: Friday, May 2, 2014 - 9:56am
(Courtesy of Arizona MVD)

The state of Arizona is changing the way it issues driver’s licenses to improve security and reduce identity theft.

Motor Vehicle Division spokesman Harold Sanders says beginning June 16, applicants for a license will no longer walk out of MVD with a permanent license.

“You will receive what’s called a temporary,” Sanders said. “Nobody’s going to receive a same day issuance of a license anymore, so that’s a major process. The temporary will be valid for driving.”

Sanders says you will get the permanent card, with a more detailed photo, later in the mail.

“The photo basically is going to be a higher resolution photo, which means it’s got more detail to it that will actually be on the license,” Sanders said. “That’s just a component that adds to again, protecting against fraudulent use.”

Sanders says there is no need to go to MVD to get one of the new licenses. He says only people who are applying for a new or a duplicate license after June 16 will be getting them. After that time, all of the licenses that are issued will be the new, more secure type.

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