Arizona Gun Bills Could Make State More Gun Friendly

By Will Stone
Published: Thursday, March 17, 2016 - 4:25pm
(Photo by Robert Nelson - CC BY 2.0)

Arizona could become even more gun friendly by the end of this legislative session. More than half a dozen bills related to gun rights are pending right now.

One bill would prohibit schools from banning firearms on streets around campus. Another forbids state and local government from requiring a search of federal or state databases before a private sale, gift or transfer. A third would allow someone with a permit to bring a firearm into public places, like county buildings or libraries, unless security personnel and screening are present.

All of this concerns Democratic Representative Randall Friese. His legislation to form a study committee about gun safety never even got heard by the House, he said.

“This is not about taking away anyone’s second amendment right," Friese said. "This is about adequately regulating and being certain that those who have a gun are safe and don’t mean to use it to do harm."

Many of the pending bills have received broad support from Republican lawmakers, who say these are critical measures to protect second amendment rights.

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