BBC World Service James Fletcher

BBC World Service

James Fletcher

Senior Producer, BBC World Service

James is a senior producer on the BBC’s news and current affairs strand Newsday which broadcasts globally on the BBC’s international news network BBC World Service.

He has worked as a reporter, producer and presenter for BBC World Service and more widely for BBC News in the UK. James has extensive experience working in the field, including being based in the BBC’s North American bureau in Washington DC from January to June 2010 and January to February 2012.  He covered the republican primaries in 2012 and in 2010 was part of the first BBC news team to arrive in Haiti 24 hours after the earthquake.  He has returned to Haiti many times since to continue covering the situation in the country for the BBC – reporting on the stories for both international and UK audiences.

In 2011 James was twice deployed to Libya at the height of the conflict and was in charge of the BBC news team that covered the rebel advance into Tripoli.    From May to September 2011 he was based in Jerusalem as the BBC’s Middle East radio producer.     In July 2012 he was working out of London, as one of 2 reporters covering the Olympics for the BBC World Service – he was previously in China to cover the Beijing games in 2008.

Other international deployments have seen James working and reporting on diverse international stories, from Liberia and Sierra Leone to cover the trail of Charles Taylor, to the economic crisis and elections in Greece and reporting from Australia and South Africa.