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Valued Leadership Society Members' photos and testimonials.

Robert Rosenwald at Poisoned Pen Press

Robert Rosenwald

"The public recognition of our support for something that really matters to me -- honest, unbiased, trustworthy news -- along with intelligent talk radio, and great entertainment has made supporting KJZZ the easiest decision I make each year."

October 2016

Rebecca Barry

Rebecca Barry

“KJZZ is important to me. I read very quickly, too quickly, sometimes, to fully absorb what I’m reading, so listening to someone tell me the news is perfect for me. I love that I can learn what is going on in the world while I’m driving or working at home. I use the stories I hear, especially about scientific studies, as illustrations in my classes at ASU. Sometimes the stories are so interesting I have to sit in my hot car to hear the end. I need a remote control so I can turn on the living room radio from my car and dash inside without missing anything.”

October 2014

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Ms. Mary Westheimer and Mr. Kevin Caron

"When we want news, KJZZ is our first choice for unbiased, in-depth information. Our dial is always turned to KJZZ in the car, too, for wonderful entertainment like "This American Life," "RadioLab," "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me," "Ask Me Another" and "The Splendid Table." The number of programs we enjoy is really too long to list here - we are grateful for the many, many ways KJZZ contributes to our lives."

September 2014

Mrs. Mac Perlich

“Since moving to Phoenix ten years ago, my home stereo and car radio button have loyally remained on KJZZ. The reason for this permanence is simple; I value the consistent quality of the content of the broadcast, be it local, national or international. I know that at the end of the segment, I will be smarter, better informed and richer in my depth and breadth of understanding this complicated place we all call home. I seek self-improvement; KJZZ helps me get there on a daily basis. Thank you!”

August 2014

Ms. Katie Pushor

Ms. Katie Pushor

“I listen to KJZZ because of the balanced reporting and the diversity of topics. I am curious about our community, and the world, and I want to learn from people and opinions that are different than my own. It keeps me fresh. I contribute because I receive so much in return, and because I want to be part of the community that KJZZ brings together. Let's keep listening to one another!” 

July 2014

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Mr. and Mrs. Norman Cocanour

“KJZZ is all we listen to for reliable and accurate news all the time.”

May 2014

Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Zona Loring

Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Zona Lorig

“KJZZ is our 'go-to' source for news, information and entertainment; it is a significant contributor to our life-long learning.  We appreciate the balance and in-depth reporting of local, national and world events and stories. The commercial-free programming delivered in a calm, reasoned, factual manner is very important to us. While we rarely miss Morning Edition or Scott Simon, KJZZ is always our first option when turning on the radio (which we do a lot!) anytime, day or night.”

March 2014

Mr. Norm and Mrs. Karen Beer

Mr. Norm and Mrs. Karen Beer

“We listen to KJZZ in our cars, on the stereo at home and at the gym. We love how it keeps us up to date on national and world news and events, entertains us, and gives us plenty to talk about with each other and in our social circle.” 

February 2014

Ms. Rita Bostick and Ms. Joy Ramsey

Ms. Rita Bostick and Ms. Joy Ramsey

"KJZZ is important to us because the reporters feel like lifelong friends of over 37 years sharing researched and reliable details, or the “meal behind the sound bites”. But it is more than the news, StoryCorps is tender, car talk is funny and informative, science Friday tickles my brain, Diane Rehm and Terry Gross’s interviews make me think and smile, all things considered is an old friend but together they deliver a balanced approach and content to build a relationship with each listener – with Joy and with me, individually. KJZZ cares about me on a local and global basis but also on a personal basis. Thank you for this relationship and being a good friend."

November 2013

Ms. Maureen Decindis

October 2013

Ms. Mary Jo Pitzl

Ms. Mary Jo Pitzl

"KJZZ is important to me because, as a journalist myself, I appreciate the news programming the station does, both locally, nationally  and internationally. When I'm in my car, whether for work assignments or errands, KJZZ is a worthy road companion and keeps me updated when I can't read the newspaper or web. Although I think the weekend programming is getting too heavy on games, I love that  you have kept Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me since one of my little ambitions is to be a contestant on that show!  I also like it when the station picks up a story I might have written for The Arizona Republic."

September 2013

Thank you to our Leadership Society Members for their generous support!