McCain Criticizes Foreign Policy In Budget Hearing

ByDennis Lambert
Published: Wednesday, April 9, 2014 - 12:22pm

Arizona Sen. John McCain is not pulling his punches in his criticism of the Obama administration’s foreign policy. During a hearing on the State Department’s 2015 budget, McCain says administration policy has failed on the civil war in Syria, and the Middle East, and is destined to fail in Iran,

“The Israeli-Palestinian talks are, even though you may drag them out for a while, are finished, and I predict to you even though we gave the Iranians the right to enrich, which is unbelievable, those talks will collapse too," McCain said.

The senator says unlike Teddy Roosevelt, who said you need to talk strongly and carry a big stick, the administration is talking strongly and carrying a twig. 

Secretary of State John Kerry defended administration policy, telling McCain he could declare the various initiatives dead, but Kerry is not and that he’d wait and see what the verdict is.

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