Governor's Office Does Not Support Senate Budget Plan

Mar. 18, 2014

(Photo courtesy of the Arizona State Legislature)
Arizona is staring at another deep budget deficit. State Senate President Andy Biggs will be in an influential position to decide in what direction Arizona goes.

Senate Republicans have unveiled a $9.1 billion state budget, but it is already getting a cold shoulder from the governor’s office. That is because Gov. Jan Brewer wanted $200 million more, and one of the key differences is the amount the Senate plan would spend on the governor’s new child welfare agency.

Senate President Andy Biggs said he found no justification for the amount the governor wanted, and it is not going to fly just because she said that is what she needs. But, gubernatorial press aide Andrew Wilder said the Senate’s spending plan is a non-starter.

“We're glad to see the Senate put something forward, but Gov. Brewer does not support this proposal, and it is far off from what the governor will accept,” Wilder said.

The Senate plan does include gas tax and vehicle registration money for highway construction and maintenance, which in the past has been used to balance the budget. Hearings on the budget plan begin Tuesday.