Arizona Man Petitions Bill That Funds Big Events

February 14, 2014

(Photo courtesy of the Arizona State Legislature)
Arizona House Majority Leader David Gowan introduced the bill.

PHOENIX (AP) — A Surprise man has started a petition against a bill in the Legislature that would pay the city of Glendale for its police and fire expenses during next year's Super Bowl.

House Bill 2547 by Republican Majority Leader David Gowan would require the state to reimburse cities for public safety costs of hosting major sporting events. Gowan said the whole state benefits from such events.

The bill would reimburse cities up to $4 million for major events like the Super Bowl and national college football championship. The online petition created by Earl Clarke has nearly 700 signatures. He said the bill is unfair to non-Glendale residents.

A House committee scheduled to hear the bill this week instead delayed action.