Valley Man Wins $1 Million For Doritos Commercial

By Dennis Lambert
Published: Monday, February 3, 2014 - 11:01am

A Valley man is one of the two winners of a contest to produce a Doritos commercial for the Super Bowl.

Ryan Thomas Anderson of Scottsdale says that means he’ll take home a $1 million prize, and he has a good idea how he’ll spend the money.

“It was a small crew, so I really don’t have to share the money with too many people,” Anderson said. “I get to kind of keep it in the family. But, if I do win, I mainly just want to buy a home for my son and I.”

The "Time Machine" commercial aired early in the game. Anderson says in addition to the cash prize, he also gets to work on the new "Avengers" movie. And he says his ultimate goal is filmmaking.

The other winner was called “Cowboy Kid,” and was made by a couple from Orange County, Calif. 

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