Gas Prices Up Slightly, But Downturn Expected

Jan. 17, 2014

Arizonans are paying more at the gas pump again this week. Stephanie Dembowski of AAA Arizona says prices are up just over two cents in the last week to $3.24 a gallon.  Nationally, prices were up a half-cent to $3.30.

However, Dembowski says declining demand and lower crude oil prices should begin to push prices down again soon.

“We’re not anticipating a major price shift in either direction in the short term," Dembowski said. "You know the price of crude is in the low $90-per-barrel range, so hopefully we’ll start to see pump prices correct themselves and start to head in the opposite direction.”

Flagstaff drivers continue to pay the state’s highest prices at $3.36 a gallon, while those in Tucson are paying the least, at $3.18. Dembowski says despite the weekly price increase, the general trend is toward stable prices.