Illegal Peoria Pot Dispensary Shut Down

By Dennis Lambert
Published: Wednesday, January 8, 2014 - 11:26am

Police in Peoria have arrested five people after an undercover investigation of what they say was an illegal marijuana dispensary.

Spokeswoman Amanda Jacinto says two owners and three workers at Pure Essentials, which billed itself as a weight loss and wellness center, were taken into custody after officers discovered the illegal activity.

“They were not asked about weight loss when they went in,” Jacinto said. “Our belief is that although they had originally leased the business that they had opened as a weight loss center, they were knowingly selling marijuana from inside.”

Jacinto says detectives found several problems with the business, which was allegedly bringing in people who had medical marijuana cards, setting them up as members and then letting them purchase pot for what they called a donation amount.

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