Here Come The Cold Temperatures

By Dennis Lambert
Published: Wednesday, December 4, 2013 - 10:06am

Arizona is about to get slammed by a very cold weather system that is expected to keep temperatures in the high country below freezing through the weekend. Ben Peterson of the National Weather Service in Flagstaff says it will also bring some rain and snow with it.

“It does look like the Flagstaff area and down onto the eastern rim, Clint’s Well and up above Payson toward Forest Lakes and Heber, will probably see the most from this storm, more in the 4-to-6-inch range,” Peterson said.

Peterson says areas below 6,000 feet will see a mix of rain and snow, with little accumulation, while areas northeast of Flagstaff may not see much at all because of the strong down-slope winds in the area.

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