Pearce recall election evokes strong reaction from constituents

July 20, 2011

Voters in northwest Mesa will be asked to cast ballots in the state’s first legislative recall election this November. So far, the only name on the ballot is the target of the recall: Senate President Russell Pearce. As KJZZ’s Paul Atkinson reports, voters there have strong opinions about the man behind SB1070, the state’s controversial immigration law.

If Joe’s Barbershop in Mesa is any indication, voters in legislative district 18 either support Russell Pearce, or they don’t. There’s no in between. Take customer Wade Albee. He’s pretty matter-of-fact about the whole Russell Pearce recal

“Waste of time,” says Albee. “Why is that?”  “I agree with what he’s doing for the most part  Not perfect because he’s a politician, but I agree with what he’s doing.”

What’s he doing and what he’s done is focus on illegal immigration.   

“Immigration got several of them into office. That was their number one issue,” says Joe Davis. “But now that it’s simmered down, I don’t think immigration is…”

Forgive Joe Davis if he doesn’t finish. The proprietor of the barbershop has amassed a wealth of knowledge over his 90 years. Davis is no fan of Russell Pearce and says a lot of customers support his recall. 

“The ones I talked to…they’re for it,” say Davis.”

Accountant and charter school administrator Jerry Lewis is expected to announce next week he’ll challenge Pearce. Early voting starts in mid October. 

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