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Twenty-five years ago, biotechnology was not an issue considered in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). But that has changed, as the new U.S.-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement (USMCA) has an entire chapter dedicated to it.
Walmart Transforming Parking Lots Into
Walmart, one of the world’s biggest retailers, is looking to downsize its parking lots and turn them into town centers.
45 minutes ago
Arizona Unemployment Rate Up Slightly In October
Numbers released Thursday from the Arizona Office of Economic Opportunity show the percent of Arizonans unemployed and looking for work is identical to what it was a year ago. And it remains a full percentage point above the national average.
25 minutes ago
What Was The Cost Of Bidding For Amazon
Amazon's new HQ is going to be split in two. That followed a lengthy application process that included more than 200 cities putting in a bid. So did those communities waste their time or were the efforts worthwhile?
49 minutes ago
This Legal Issue Could Disrupt Drought Talks — Again
As water users hurry to make a deal on drought before a big December meeting, some are wondering: who signs the deal? An old, divisive disagreement over legal autonomy threatened to rear its head again at a special meeting of the board of the agency that runs the Central Arizona Project.
54 minutes ago
Sandra Kennedy Set To Re-Join Corporation Commission
Democrat Sandra Kennedy has secured a seat on the Arizona Corporation Commission. It will be Kennedy’s second time on the powerful public utilities commission.
Arizona Auto Parts Maker Fined $200K Over Pollution Devices
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency officials say an Arizona auto parts manufacturer will pay a $200,000 fine for selling pollution control bypass equipment. They say Gilbert-based Vivid Distributing violated the Clean Air Act.
Former Thunderbird Campus To Be Taken Over By ACU
ASU plans to sell the remaining acres of the former Thunderbird location for development, as well as the 20 acres acquired in northeast Phoenix.
Corporation Commission In Legal Battle Over Dark Money
Attorneys for members of the Arizona Corporation Commission told a judge Tuesday he should block a bid by one of the panel's members to investigate a potential conflict of interest.
Snowmaking Credited For Full Ski Season Beginning Friday
It's been a few weeks since measurable snow fell in the state, but that hasn't stopped ski season from starting in Arizona this coming Friday.
Average Price Of Thanksgiving In Arizona Dinner Drops
A healthy supply of turkeys is going to make the cost of feeding the family Thanksgiving dinner a bit less expensive this year.
Choosing The Best 100 Restaurants In Phoenix
How many restaurants do you think you’ve eaten at in the Valley? However many, it's probably not as much as Dominic Armato, the dining critic for The Arizona Republic. Now he's out with a new list — not of the top five or top 10 Phoenix restaurants — but of the top 100!
Do Consumers Still Think About
Sears announced earlier this month it was closing its store at the Paradise Valley Mall. That’s added to the roughly 40 Sears and Kmart stores that’ll be shutting their doors across the country.
Could Prop 126 Have Unintended Consequences?
Arizona voters overwhelmingly approved proposition 126 last week. It amends the state Constitution to bar lawmakers and voters from implementing any new taxes on services.
The Takeaway: Amazon Comes To The Neighborhood
After year-long search competition that pitted cities and states to become home of Amazon's second headquarters, the retail giant selected Long Island City, New York, and Arlington, Virginia as the cite of their HQ2 locations. So what are the terms of the deal?
Tucson-Based Space Company Eyes Kodiak Launch
Vector Launch Inc. is planning a commercial rocket launch at the Pacific Spaceport Complex, its first launch at the Alaska facility.
Orpheum Theatre Named Arizona
Phoenix is a young city, and while its looking to be one of the nation’s more innovative places, its also taking steps to preserve its history. Recently, Architectural Digest compiled a list of the most beautifully-designed theaters in each state, and the Orpheum Theatre won the honor for Arizona.
AZ Circle K
A new analysis from the Arizona Republic shows you’re much more likely to get your card information stolen by a skimmer at one specific type of gas station in Arizona.
Phoenix Breaks With The League Of AZ Cities And Towns
Arizona’s largest city — Phoenix— has decided it no longer wants to be part of the League of Arizona Cities and Towns. Not surprisingly, leaders of the organization are disappointed by the council’s decision, including Ken Strobeck, executive director of the league.
Why Some Products Succeed While Others Fail
There are countless gadgets, inventions and items that never make their way onto store shelves, or into our homes or onto commonly-used websites. Some aren’t quite interesting or practical enough, while others could only appeal to our imaginations.
$3B Spent On Political Ads Nationwide
The biggest winners in the mid-term elections may be the broadcast companies that reaped $3 billion in revenue nationwide over the last nine months.