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An informal collaboration between an Tucson’s Borderlands Brewery and Hermosillo’s Buqui Bichi Brewing has grown into a serious partnership that is helping both grow on each side of the international boundary.
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Arizona's Office of Economic Opportunity released the seasonally adjusted June unemployment rate at 4.7 percent. Spokesman Doug Walls said construction employment has recovered 37 percent since the recession hit and housing bubble burst.
3 hours ago
More people visited Arizona last year than ever before and spent record amounts of money, according to research released Wednesday. The state welcomed 43.9 million overnight visitors in 2017 and those visitors collectively spent $22.7 billion during their stays.
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In 1957, the Soviet Union launched Sputnik 1 into space, the first satellite to orbit the earth. The success triggered the Space Race and ushered in a wave of investment by the U.S. into science and technology. Now, we need another “Sputnik Moment” according to Robert Manning.
7 hours ago
Queen Creek is partnering with Florence in advance of a potential scenario that would have the towns become temporary managers of their water systems amidst ongoing problems with Johnson Utilities.
7 hours ago
Ability 360 and Valley Leadership Institute partnered on a project they hope will provide better, more reliable information to people with disabilities or older adults when purchasing a home.
It used to be that if you needed to travel across the country, you wouldn’t get on a plane, you’d hop on a train. But there isn’t even an Amtrak stop here in Phoenix and, out here in the West, Amtrak wants to scale back travel options even further.
If you drive around the Phoenix area right now, it may feel like there’s an apartment boom happening. It seems like there’s a new apartment building going up on every other corner — especially in the central city.
Earlier this month, Grand Canyon University announced it will finally be allowed to convert back to a nonprofit university after 14 years using a for-profit model. The move will cost K-12 schools in Arizona and mean millions in lost tax revenue.
The trial of Gary Pierce ended Tuesday in a mistrial after jurors deadlocked on charges that he accepted $31,000 in bribes from a water company owner in exchange for favorable regulatory decisions. Katie Campbell of the Arizona Capitol Times talked to the foreperson about the outcome.
The Takeaway: U.S. On The Sidelines As Japan, EU Announce
A sweeping free-trade agreement announced Tuesday, gives Japan and the European Union open access to each others markets, while the United States waits on the sidelines.
Soccer teams and enterprises have found in the American market an attractive field to expand their brands and profits. Among the growing hot spots is Phoenix, which will host a friendly match between Mexico and the U.K. on July 19. But how will this game benefit the teams, the organizers and the city?
Remington management has rejected an offer by the Navajo Nation to purchase the gun manufacturer which was reorganizing under Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
A company on the East Coast has acquired a veterinary pharmacy in Arizona. The New Jersey-based company said Diamondback Drugs will stay in Scottsdale, but operate under the name Wedgewood Pharmacy.
A federal judge declared a mistrial Monday afternoon in the Arizona Corporation Commission bribery case. The move came after all 12 jurors told Judge John Tuchi they were "hopelessly deadlocked'' in their efforts to reach a verdict in the case.
A city’s food says a lot about it’s culture and growth. For Phoenix New Times food editor Chris Malloy, it’s helped him learn about his adopted city. He and New Times’ food critic Patricia Escarcega have put together the latest edition of their series, “Essentials.”
A new report shows Arizona is generating a lot more renewable energy than it did a decade ago. In fact, the state could power 658,000 homes today using renewables. In addition to that, California is the only state growing in solar generation at a faster rate than Arizona.
7 hours ago
Even after a pedestrian was tragically killed by an autonomous Uber vehicle, the Phoenix area continues to be a major focus of the driverless car industry. But for many, the Valley’s car culture is so ingrained that it’s hard to imagine a time when we just have autonomous cars everywhere.
The trial involving a former Arizona Corporation Commission commissioner, a prominent landowner and utility owner — and alleged bribery — was already pretty interesting.
Defense attorneys are seeking a hearing to examine whether jury deliberations at the bribery trial of former Arizona Corporation Commissioner Gary Pierce have been tainted. Tuesday will mark the fourth day of jury deliberations.
Two companies building one of the largest solar arrays in Latin America in Sonora recently secured financing for the project. In February, the Spanish firm Acciona and Mexican firm Tuto Energy began construction of the facility near Puerto Libertad, Sonora.