December 2013

Coworking: Doing Business Communally

There's cubical culture, and then there's coworking culture. Coworking happens when completely different businesses share a communal workspace. The hope is that they will also share ideas. The concept is popping up around the country and the Valley.

Jenny Poon’s office is inside Phoenix’s first coworking space. CO+HOOTS, that is  pronounced cahoots, has a hip, wide-open layout where a mix of photographers, PR firms and customer service reps work side by side.

Herb Paine: No Time For Smoke And Mirrors When It Comes To Kids' Security

Arizona's alarm bells are ringing about children falling through the cracks of a system that is supposed to safeguard them. This time, it is the failure of the state's Children Protective Services to investigate over 6,000 reports of child abuse.

Once again, a familiar cycle unfolds, a progression from shock and indignation to finger pointing to the formation of another committee.

Canal Banks Will Experience Closures This Winter

Canal banks around the Valley can get pretty crowded as walkers, joggers and bicyclists are going at different speeds. Some are training, others just enjoy the weather and some needed to get the family dog some exercise.

A couple of stretches of canal banks will be closed for part of the winter, from 56th Street to 32nd Street and from 43rd to 51st Avenues. Jim Duncan, senior analyst of water engineering at Salt River Project, explained why the banks will be closed.

Valley Independent Bookstores Battle Corporate Cousins

One of the Valley’s successful independent bookstores, "Changing Hands," is in the process of raising money to open a second shop in Phoenix on Camelback Road.

Based on almost everything we have heard, brick and mortar bookstores are on their way out, but are independent bookstores different and in better shape than their corporate cousins?

Peter Osnos wrote a piece earlier this month for The Atlantic. It is called "How 'Indie' Bookstores Survived (and Thrived)." He is the founder and editor at large for PublicAffairs Books and joined us from New York.