December 2013

Red Rock Robbery Ends In Car Chase, Fatal Shooting

An incident that began with the robbery of an adult boutique in Red Rock ended in the fatal shooting of a suspect by a Pinal County sheriff’s deputy. Authorities said the fatal shots came after the suspect’s vehicle rammed a vehicle being driven by a sheriff’s deputy. A second person was taken to a hospital for treatment.

Pinal County Sheriff’s officials said the suspects and a deputy exchanged gunfire in Red Rock, which is in southern Pinal County. The deputy was not injured.

US Airways and American Airlines Won't Just Merge Operations, Also Corporate Cultures

Tempe-based US Airways has officially started its merger with American Airlines, and the two companies will have to combine more than computer systems and work forces.

If all goes well, the new American should have a clear strategy for its future as one company, but the airline will have to contend with employees originally from two different corporations, each with its own culture, and that culture can largely be defined by past achievements.

Salvation Army To Offer Dinner, Hair Cuts And Activities To Those In Need On Christmas

The Salvation Army is inviting those in need to Christmas Dinner. Director Mark Sorenson says it will be served from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Christmas Day, at the PhoenixConvention Center. He says there’s a lot more than a hot meal involved.

“We do haircuts for people that maybe haven’t been to a salon or gotten their hair cut for a long time,” Sorenson said. “We have pictures with Santa Claus, games for the kids, plus music going on so it’s quite a day.”

Game and Fish Department Committed To Relocating Bighorn Sheep

The Arizona Game and Fish Department says it remains optimistic about the relocation of Bighorn Sheep to the CatalinaMountains, north of Tucson, despite the death of another sheep at the hands of a mountain lion.

Spokeswoman Diana Tilton says the fourth sheep to die succumbed to stress-related issues due to its relocation.

“The sheep have kind of gone into vegetation that’s a little bit thicker then maybe they were used to and it’s making them, maybe a little more vulnerable,” Tilton said.

Extended Unemployment Benefits To End Saturday

Some 17,000 Arizonans who have been unable to find work are facing a new financial burden at the end of the week. Their extended unemployment benefits are to end Dec. 28. That’s the result of the failure of Congress to approve an extension of long-term jobless benefits before going on its holiday break.

Rebekah Friend of the Arizona AFL-CIO says it’s hard to imagine what Christmas dinner would be for people who have mainly done the right things.

Valley Housing Market Has Softened

The Valley’s housing market seems to have slowed a bit, not Great Recession slow, but slower than it was earlier in the year.

Jim Belfiore, president of Belfiore Real Estate Consulting in Phoenix, said that has led some home builders to try and drive demand. He said a rise in interest rates earlier this year and a significant increase in new home prices has softened the market a bit.

Arizona Man Honored For Heroism

A northern Arizona man has been honored for helping rescue an elderly woman from her burning home. Robert Davies will receive a medal from the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission.

Last December, Davies saw thick smoke coming from his neighbor’s trailer in Golden Valley, just west of Kingman. The home was on fire, except for the bedroom, where a 92-year-old woman was trapped. Davies jumped into the dark, smoky room.

Brophy McGee Suggests Separating DES Programs

State lawmakers return to the Capitol next month and when they do, one of the bigger issues with which they will be dealing is Child Protective Services, after the revelation of more than 6,500 un-investigated reports of child abuse and neglect.

State Rep. Kate Brophy McGee is the co-chair of the legislature’s CPS oversight committee and a member of the governor’s CARE team. She wants to separate CPS and some related programs from the Department of Economic Security. She said some of her colleagues are talking about a sense of deja vu.

Rocky Point Resident Weighs In On Shooting

Rocky Point is one of the most popular tourist destinations for Arizonans in Mexico, and after this week’s shooting there, officials from the state of Sonora came to Phoenix to try and convince people here to keep their plans to visit.

Shandra Keesecker is an American who has lived in Rocky Point for the past 12 years. She helps promote tourism and does work for the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau there. She was asleep when the shooting happened.