December 2013

Phoenix Police Officer Wounded In Shooting

PHOENIX — Authorities say a Phoenix police officer is in critical condition after being shot by a robbery suspect.

A citizen who tried to help also was shot and wounded in the shooting in east Phoenix around 2 p.m. Tuesday.

Police say two suspects are in custody and they're searching for four more including two women.

The shooting occurred after the armed robbery of a Phoenix restaurant about two miles away.

Police say the suspected robbers were in a car chase with police that ended in a crash at an intersection.

State Park Program Helps Homeless Veterans Get Back On Their Feet

There is a state pilot program that has the caught the attention of federal and other state agencies across the country. It is aimed at placing homeless veterans back to work in government jobs. The newly launched initiative has already hired a handful of veterans.

“Yeah, you can see the river," said Joel Macejak, an Arizona state park ranger stationed at the Dead Horse Ranch in Cottonwood.

Macejak has been on the job for only two weeks, and he already knows the best spots for picturesque views of the area.

“That’s the Verde River right down there," he said. 

Latest AZ Abuse Report Update Shows 3,909 Assigned

PHOENIX (AP) — A new team assigned to review more than 6,500 child abuse and neglect reports that weren't investigated by Arizona child welfare officials said they have now assigned more than 3,900 of those cases to investigators.

The so-called CARE team named about three weeks ago by Gov. Jan Brewer provided the latest update Monday. It said about 2,000 children identified in the reports now have been seen and 1,570 cases have had a response. The team is led by the head of the state's Juvenile Corrections department, Charles Flanagan.

Appeals Court Denies Arpaio's Bid For A Rehearing

PHOENIX (AP) — A lawsuit against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is a step closer to a second trial.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has denied a petition to rehear Arpaio's appeal of a ruling that criticized his jail officers' decision to force pink underwear onto a mentally ill inmate who erroneously believed jailers were trying to rape him.

Arpaio's office won the case at trial in 2010. The 9th Circuit threw out the verdict last year and called for a new trial in the suit filed by Eric Vogel's estate.

Arizona Campaign Encourages Safe Sex Among Holiday Partners

Outside of spring break, New Year’s Eve may be the biggest time of the year for risky behavior including unprotected sex. An Arizona campaign, now in its second year, is out to encourage safe sex among holiday partiers. John Welch with the Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS said there is a strong connection between substance use and sexually-transmitted infections.

Placing Electronics Boxes In Curbside Trash Could Attract Thieves

What you do with the box your new holiday toys came in may determine how long you have to enjoy them. Tracey Breeden of the Glendale police says putting the box from your new flat-screen TV or iPad in the curbside trash is just like advertising there’s a hot new item inside the house.

 “Everybody in your neighborhood, including thieves who pass by, all know what you got for Christmas and they know those items are inside your home,” Breeden said. “So it does attract thieves, and you don’t want that.”

Fourth Avenue Jail Flooded, Inmates Relocated

Things are pretty much back to normal after a water main break at Maricopa County’s Fourth Avenue Jail on Friday. Lieutenant Brandon Jones describes the extent of the flooding,

 “There was a large amount of water,” Jones said. “Thousands of gallons got flushed through this jail and when it went from floor three to floor two to floor one to the basement, it hit a number of electrical rooms and dry wall and ceiling tile and things like that.”

Arizona Will Not Be A Test Site For Unmanned Drones

The state’s proposal was rejected on Monday, as federal officials picked six other proposals. The six sites are to be used by the FAA to make sure drones can be safely integrated into the airspace with piloted aircraft. Arizona touted its wide open spaces and year-round weather in its proposal, but the FAA picked two other sites in the Southwest, Nevada and Texas, along with Alaska, New York, North Dakota and Virginia.