November 2013

Did You Know: Mystery Castle Was A Place Built For A Princess

It is about 80 years old and sits on the foothills of South Mountain Park. It is said to have been built for a princess. Does it sound mysterious? It could be.

When Boyce Gulley was stricken with tuberculosis in the late 1920s he moved from Seattle to Arizona by himself. He lived in the Valley for 15 years, and in that time he built a house against South Mountain at the end of 7th Street.

Did You Know the house called Mystery Castle was inspired by the daughter he left behind?

Arpaio's Lawyers: We Will Appeal Court-Ordered Monitoring

Lawyers for Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio say they will appeal a federal court’s monitoring order.

The order is the result of a six-year legal battle over discriminatory practices in the sheriff’s office. The civil suit accusing the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office of racial profiling was filed in 2007, after a deputy stopped a day laborer.

A federal judge ruled the department’s tactics were discriminatory, and the court last month ordered a court-appointed monitor to review MCSO practices.

New Cold Case Partnership Solves 32-Year-Old Murder Case

A new cold case partnership is being credited with solving a 32-year-old Phoenix murder case.  Chief Daniel Garcia says 21st century technology has helped law enforcement locate the man they believe murdered 28-year-old Karen Casanova back in 1982.

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery says while the case may be the first for the partnership, it will not be the last.

Murphy Will Run Independently For Governor In 2014

A twice-defeated Republican congressional candidate has taken the first steps to an independent bid for the governor’s office.

Rick Murphy, who owns a half-dozen radio stations in northwest Arizona and Las Vegas, lost GOP primary bids in 2004, and again last year. Murphy, who spent a half-million of his own dollars on an unsuccessful initiative to create a total vote-by-mail system, has filed paperwork for the 2014 gubernatorial race. And he’s not deterred by the lack of success Independents have had in Arizona.

2 Arrested For Allegedly Trying To Smuggle Weapons Into Mexico

Border Patrol agents have arrested two men after stopping an SUV on Interstate 8, east of Wellton, for allegedly trying to smuggle assault rifles into Mexico.

Spokesman Kyle Estes says when agents discovered the driver had an extensive criminal record, they brought in a dog to search the vehicle. They located four AK-47 assault rifles and six empty rifle magazines hidden throughout it.

Food Stamp Stimulus Runs Dry

More than a million people living on food stamps in Arizona will see their benefits decrease at the end of this week, prompting food banks and other charities to prepare for a surge in demand.

Back in 2009, federal stimulus increased funding for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program – known as SNAP. But now, that stimulus is running out. For Arizona, it amounts to a cut of about $109 million over the next year or so. Bigger states like Texas will lose about $400 million. The lost benefit in Arizona works out to $36 a month for a family of four.