November 2013

Horne Warns Consumers To Beware Of Mail Scam

Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne is warning consumers and small businesses to be on the lookout for an "official notification" from a government agency. Horne said the mail comes from the "Labor Standards Compliance Office" and asks for a $295 fee, in return for providing "up-to-date" information that is not required.

“It’s a scam and people should be aware of it, and anytime you receive something that looks like it comes from the government but you’re not sure, you should call the government office and find out,” Horne said.

Plan To Investigate Child Abuse Complaints Widely Criticized

A Department of Economic Security plan to deal with a backlog of uninvestigated child abuse complaints is drawing fire from both sides of the political aisle. DES Director Clarence Carter promised to have a preliminary review of all 6,000 cases completed by Monday. He said all of the cases can be investigated by the end of January, but Republican Senator Nancy Barto, who chairs an oversight committee, questions how thorough that work can be. 

State Campaign Finance Limits To Remain In Place

Arizona’s current campaign finance limits will remain in place, at least for now. The state Supreme Court is refusing to allow a new law, voided last month by the state Court of Appeals, to up the limits to go into effect, while arguments take place about its legality. Under that measure pushed through the Republican-controlled Legislature, lawmakers would be able to accept contributions of $4,000 from an individual, up from the current $440. There would be no limits on how much candidates could take from political action committees.

Arizona Game And Fish Investigates Death Of Spike Bull Elk

Arizona Game and Fish is investigating the Nov. 9 shooting death of a spike bull elk, southeast of Flagstaff on the Coconino National Forest. Spokeswoman Shelly Shepherd said the suspected poacher left the animal’s body in the field, when the meat could have been salvaged and donated.

“Were individuals out just shooting randomly from the roadway? Is this a case of maybe they were out to get some game meat and were scared out of the scene by individuals or something else?” Shepherd said.

Arizonans Pack Sky Harbor Airport Before Thanksgiving

A lot of Arizonans will be heading to the airport on Wednesday for a holiday trip. Deborah Ostreicher of Sky Harbor Airport said for people who fly infrequently, there may be questions about what foods will be allowed on the plane.

“Cans of sodas, your coffees, things like that that you pick up before security, that can’t go through security, but your salad with your side of salad dressing, that is no problem,” Ostreicher said.

San Tan Valley Man Arrested, Arsenal Found At Home

Pinal County Sheriff’s deputies have arrested a 51-year-old man after he allegedly put a gun to his mother’s head in the San Tan Valley home they shared. Sheriff Paul Babeu said Wesley Boles was found to have an arsenal in the home.

“28 firearms, two 37 millimeter rocket-propelled grenades and five homemade explosive devices, including a detonator and thousands of rounds of ammunition,” Babeu said.

He said Boles was not allowed to have firearms because of an earlier conviction. He said it is unclear what he intended to do with the arsenal deputies found in the home.

US Airways-American Merger Gets Green Light

After two years of legal battles, American Airlines is free to merge with Tempe-based US Airways. The deal should be complete Dec. 9, the day American’s bankruptcy restructuring plan will be finalized. A federal bankruptcy judge cleared the way for the merger when he ruled this month’s settlement of a federal antitrust lawsuit did not upset American’s bankruptcy plan.

According to US Airways spokesman John McDonald, his company has 9,000 employees in the state of Arizona.

Interstate 17 Designated A Safety Corridor Over Thanksgiving Weekend

Department of Public Safety is collaborating with the Arizona Department of Transportation and other agencies to designate Interstate 17, from Anthem to Cordes Junction, a "safety corridor," like they did over the Labor Day weekend.

ADOT’s Doug Nintzel said that means DPS will be ready with its traffic enforcement efforts, and transportation officials have located emergency equipment along the highway.

“Hopefully we don’t have any serious crashes that occur, but our crews will respond as quickly as possible to get the traffic moving again,” Nintzel said.

Judge Extends Deadline For Choosing MCSO Monitor

Lawyers on both sides of the racial profiling complaint against the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office have been given an extension.

In May, U.S. District Judge Murray Snow ruled the MCSO has singled out Latinos during immigration patrols and detained them for unreasonably long amounts of time during traffic stops. Snow asked attorneys for both sides to recommend a person to monitor the sheriff’s office and make sure it is not engaging in profiling.