November 2013

Phoenix Police Step Up Mall Patrol For The Holiday

Phoenix police are hoping to make your holiday trip to the mall a little safer this year. They will be patrolling a number of malls beginning Thursday night.

 Officers will be on patrol at places like Metrocenter over the holidays. Lieutenant Ben Loychner outlined their plan of action.

“We’re increasing our high-visibility patrols around our shopping centers. You’re gonna see a lot more enforcement going on with a lot of visibility of our marked patrol cars," Loychner said.

Valley Band Plays Macy's Parade

Sometimes it’s good to stand out. That’s how Mountain View High School marching band director Scott Burgener thinks his students earned a spot in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The Mesa students auditioned three times before finally landing the coveted spot.

Burgener said they added many non-traditional elements to their audition, including different poses, dance moves and a twirler. The parade is a huge deal for the band, he added.

Hospital Tech Who Spread Hepatitis C To Face Sentencing

A technician who worked in 18 hospitals around the country, including in Arizona, will face sentencing Monday in a New Hampshire court.

David Kwiatkowski has Hepatitis C. He stole painkillers and contaminated syringes used on hospital patients with his blood. Nearly 50 patients were confirmed to be infected with the virus because of Kwiatkowski in four states. He had been fired several times over alleged drug use, including in Arizona, where he worked in 2009 and 2010.

College Data Breach Hits Millions

The personal information of nearly 2.5 million people who have taken classes or worked at the Maricopa County Community College District has been exposed. The data include names, Social Security numbers and credit card information. This mess will cost at least $7 million to clean up.

Spokesman Tom Gariepy said back in April, the FBI informed the district that a vast trove of information was vulnerable to thieves.

The Norton Family Leaves Legacy On Arizona Desert

The Colorado River continues to supply a significant amount of the water used in some parts of Arizona, but the percentage applied to agriculture in the state is drying up.

The Norton family played a big role in the practical use of water in the Arizona desert through patriarch John R. Norton’s participation in the 1889 Breakenridge survey that led to the site of Roosevelt Dam. His son, John Norton Jr., helped craft Arizona’s importance in supplying cotton and livestock to the rest of the country from the end of the Depression through World War II.

Stakes And Salaries Are High For College Coaches

Arizona State University and the University of Arizona will face off Saturday in this year’s territorial cup game. The stakes are high for fans of the rival schools, and there are financial stakes for the two head coaches.

ASU and the U of A are not alone in offering their head coaches extra incentives to succeed and join their athletic programs in the first place, and the money itself, even without bonuses, is shocking to some.

The Future Of Arizona Child Protective Services

An exploration of what is next or should be next for Arizona's Child Protective Services. Last week, Department of Economic Services Director Clarence Carter revealed that 6,000 reported cases of possible child abuse were set aside and not investigated.

Some are calling for Carter to resign his position, but Gov. Jan Brewer said she is not going to take any action until the state Department of Public Safety finishes looking into the situation.

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery was co-chair of the governor's Child Safety Task Force with Carter.

Three Girls Say They Were Imprisoned In Tucson Home

TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) — Two people are in custody after three girls say they have been imprisoned in a Tucson home for the past two years.

Tucson police say the girls are siblings and are ages 12, 13, and 17. Their names were not immediately released Tuesday night.

Tucson Police Capt. Mike Gillooly said the children have been removed from the home, and their mother and stepfather have been arrested.

The two youngest girls escaped to a neighbor's house early Tuesday and a neighbor called 911. Police said they found the other girl in one of the home's bedrooms.