October 2013

17 Days Later, Health Insurance Delays Still Mounting

Arizona residents are still enduring delays and technical glitches 17 days after enrollment began in the federal online health care exchange.

“I’m in a holding motion,” said Mesa resident Gene Judge. “Like circling the airport and you can see the runway below.”

Judge has been trying to get her adult son, who has spina bifida, health insurance every day since Oct. 1 — the first day enrollment began in the much-anticipated federal health care program.

Attorney General Horne Again Found To Have Violated Campaign Law

PHOENIX (AP) — An investigation by the Yavapai County Attorney has found there's enough evidence to show Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne violated campaign finance laws during his 2010 run for office.

County Attorney Sheila Polk ordered Horne to return nearly $400,000 to donors and amend his campaign finance reports or she would also seek still civil penalties.

Use Of Stun Guns Can Trigger Tougher Sentences

A new Arizona court ruling says use of stun guns while committing crimes can trigger tougher sentences.

The state Court of Appeals has upheld a sentencing enhancement for a woman who took part in a 2011 home invasion in which a stun gun was used on the victim.

The enhancement resulted in longer prison sentences for two of Amy Gustafson's convictions in Pima County Superior Court. The home invasion victim had a heart condition and fell on a concrete floor when she was stunned.

Prescription Drug Overdoses Have Become An Epidemic

Arizona isn’t doing enough to stop prescription drug abuse. That’s the conclusion of a new national survey that ranks states based on fatal overdoses and misuse of legal, prescribed drugs. But now a statewide campaign is underway to get doctors do more to prevent the deaths. It may be as easy as checking a computer database.

Kim Obert shuffles through some photos of her son Kent. In some pictures Kent is wearing his favorite orange T-shirt and eyeglasses. Kim said he liked to dress like a surfer. 

U of A Law Students And Applicants May Have Had Personal Information Compromised

Thousands of people may have had their personal information stolen after a security breach at one of the University of Arizona’s colleges.

U of A’s James E. Rogers College of Law has told about 9,000 former students and applicants that an unauthorized intruder got access to a server mistakenly used to store personal information. According to the university, names, social security numbers, usernames and passwords may have been compromised.

Arizona Recycling Company Accused Of Operating A Criminal Enterprise

An Arizona recycling company is accused of running an organized crime ring. An investigation known as operation “Tin Man” has been in progress for over a year. Wednesday morning police arrested 12 people involved with Hendrix and Company Recycling.

“They provided an environment where people that would steal cars, could dispose of the vehicles and for quite awhile safely and without detection,” said Department of Public Safety Captain Bruce Campbell.