October 2013

Man Arrested For Selling Home He Didn't Own

A man in northwestern Arizona has been arrested after trying to a sell a Golden Valley home he didn’t actually own.

Trish Carter with the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office says 35-year-old John Seiberling listed the house on Craigslist and accepted a $3,000 deposit from a woman who wanted to buy it.

"Upon arrival the keys weren't working, they were not able to get in, and furthermore they were not able to contact him," Carter said.

Carter says the suspect was only leasing the home, and that the actual owner was quite surprised to learn about the fraud.

Woman Arrested With 11 Migrants In Car

A woman stopped on a traffic violation by a Pinal County Sheriff’s deputy had an interesting explanation for the 45 pounds of marijuana and eleven undocumented immigrants in her car.

Sheriff Paul Babeu says 29-year-old Janette Salido-Hernandez told the deputy she was driving to a nearby casino when she stopped to give a man along the side of the highway a ride.

"She stopped as she said she always does to help stranded motorist, and not only he got in but another 10 males with all their marijuana," Babeu said.

No Changes To Phoenix Pension Plans — Yet

There will be no changes to the pension plan for City of Phoenix employees, at least not yet. After more than three hours of debate and testimony, the city council rejected recommendations from a subcommittee that attempted to deal with the practice of pension spiking.

Pension spiking allows Phoenix city employees to increase their pensions by including unused sick time, vacation and other allowances to determine their retirement pay.

State Board Allows Controversial Acupuncture Treatment To Continue

Some Arizona health care providers can continue providing patients with an acupuncture method known as “dry needling.” A state board voted Tuesday to allow physical therapists to provide the treatment even though some experts said they do not have enough training.

Licensed acupuncturists said they are angry with the state board of physical therapy after it allowed physical therapists to give patients dry needling treatments. That is a form of acupuncture where three inch long needles are pushed beneath the surface of a patient’s skin to jump start natural healing in the body. 

City Slapped With $95,000 Fine In Phoenix Firefighter’s Death

The city of Phoenix has been fined $95,000 for creating dangerous workplace conditions that lead to the death of a firefighter this year.

On May 18, Bradley Harper was at the scene of a Phoenix mulch fire at 39th Avenue and Lower Buckeye Road when he was pinned between a fire truck and another emergency vehicle. Harper was extracted from the tangle of metal with the Jaws of Life, but he died at the hospital.

Northern Arizona Businesses Offer Discounts To Attract Visitors, Offset Losses

Some businesses in Northern Arizona are offering discounts to attract travelers to visit the Grand Canyon. Clarinda Vail of the Red Feather Lodge in Tusayan says it’s an effort to offset losses following the 11-day closure of Grand CanyonNational Park. She says the number of visitors has been increasing since the state paid to reopen the park.

“We’ve definitely had an increase in business, not quite up to the numbers that we would have been seeing last year, without a government shutdown,” Vail said.

Teens Have More Car Crashes Than Any Other Group

New data being released confirms that teenage drivers cost insurers more money than any other age group. And, in Arizona, AAA’s Stephanie Dembowski says teens not only have more crashes but are more likely to have some types of collisions than others.

“They rear-ended the other party, insured not at fault, they backed up unsafely, they lost control of the vehicle, they collided with a parked vehicle, or failure to yield,” Dembowski said.

Pinal County Sheriff's Office Investigates A Juror Prank

The Pinal County Sheriff's Office is investigating after a prank interrupted grand jury proceedings. A fake, threatening note was left for a jury foreman by his coworkers.

The Casa Grande man found the handwritten note on his truck last week after a lunch break during court. It insinuated, in colorful language, that he had been followed home.

Detectives were able to trace the note to a restaurant in Florence. That is where they learned that two men had convinced a waitress to write it as a prank.

McCain: Cruz Strategy Was Wrong

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who led the effort to defund the Affordable Care Act which ended with the shutdown of the federal government, says Senate Republicans could have come to the rescue of the House GOP in the fight to end Obamacare.

But Arizona Sen. John McCain said on CNN’s State of the Union this weekend, the strategy would never have worked and the shutdown hurt Americans.

 “This has harmed the lives of millions of people and thousands of people in my state that I represent,” McCain said. “I have an obligation to them to try to prevent that from happening.”