March 2013

Alternative route to U.S. 89 has issues

An alternative route to the wrecked U.S. 89, south of Page, has problems.  The dirt-surfaced Navajo Route 20 runs parallel to the landslide-damaged highway. It is a short-term fix for some commuters, but accidents have been reported. The Navajo Division of Transportation says the combination of clay and sand in the area has resulted in some commercial vehicles getting stuck. The Arizona Department of Transportation says the plan is to pave 27-miles of N20. The hope is to have work completed by the summer.

NH House rejects limits on simulcasting dog races

New Hampshire's House has rejected limits on simulcasting dog races. The House voted Wednesday to kill a bill that targeted Florida, Alabama and Arizona, because, these states don't require reporting when race dogs are injured. Bill opponents say placing limits on which races they could simulcast would cost them money and could mean layoffs. Bill supporters say New Hampshire banned greyhound racing in 2010 because of a lack of humane treatment of the dogs.